Montana Scientist’s Top 5 Tips For
Deep, Blissful Sleep Every Single Night
(#5 is Surprising)

Hi, my name is Warren Phillips M.S, and I’m a natural health expert, trained geologist, chemist, and published scientist. For years I’ve been passionate about helping people achieve the best health of their lives through natural, science-backed methods.
One of the best ways to feel better, get more energy and improve your health is to fix your sleep. Unfortunately, most people (nearly 77%) struggle to get good sleep at night. 

They toss and turn. Take forever to fall asleep. Or wake up in the middle of the night without being able to fall back asleep.

This is something I went through personally. So I know how frustrating it can feel to stare at the ceiling fan every night. Or feel exhausted all day because you didn’t get enough sleep.

Luckily, there are a few quick things anyone can do to sleep better (starting tonight):
1. Lower the Temperature

Your body naturally cools down as you sleep. So lowering your thermostat to between 60-67ºF can help “trick” your body into falling asleep faster. It works by sending a signal to your brain that it’s time to fall asleep. 

Everybody’s different though, so make sure to find the temperature that works best for you.
2. Get Daily Sunlight

Light has a powerful effect on your body’s internal clock. Which is why studies have shown that getting more sunlight (especially in the morning) can help your body regulate its sleep cycle.
3. Use Blue-Light Filters

When your body gets exposed to “blue-light” (like from computer, TV and phone screens) it sends a signal to your brain to stay awake. That’s because your body interprets this light as a sign that it’s daytime.

So you should either avoid looking at screens a few hours before bed. Or you can use sunglasses that block “blue-light” or filters that you can install on your phone and computer.
4. Avoid Melatonin Overdose

This one will probably surprise people. That’s because a lot of people take melatonin to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, melatonin can sometimes do more harm than good when you take too high of doses. 

That’s because it’s a “hormone” that has a powerful effect on your body. Studies show that taking too much can actually “burn out” your melatonin receptors (which is why it’s BANNED for over-the-counter sales in the UK and Australia).

Meanwhile, another large study found that a lot of popular melatonin brands were, quote, “contaminated.” And they didn’t contain the amount listed on the bottle.

So if you are taking melatonin, you should only take a small amount (1-3 mg) and make sure it comes from a trusted source.
5. Restore “Mineral Imbalance”

This is probably one of the most important (but overlooked) pieces to the whole puzzle. That’s because minerals control a lot about our bodies internal clock, hormone levels and overall stress.

Unfortunately, new studies show that a lot of us could be suffering from a “toxic overdose” of calcium in our bodies. This “overdose” can flood our body with stress, and mess up the production of natural melatonin and GABA in our bodies.

Not only that, but one study showed that excess calcium can actually cause “all causes of mortality” to go up by nearly 250% (scary!).

Luckily, there’s an easy way to balance calcium in our body. All you have to do is take a pure, full-spectrum magnesium.
It works by balancing the calcium levels in your cells
(lowering your stress levels).
Then it restores important “sleep hormones”
like GABA and melatonin to your body.
“Magnesium may help regulate neurotransmitters
that are directly related to sleep...”
— Dr. Naoki Umeda, M.D
Cleveland Clinic
“[Magnesium] can help to relax muscles, and because it can increase the function of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, that adds to its ability to help reduce anxiety...”
— Nicole Avena, PhD
Princeton University
“[Magnesium] is an important player in many of the steps
that allow you to take protein and convert it into
the chemicals that help you feel sleepy...”
— W. Christopher Winter, MD
Author of the Sleep Solution
Finally, it helps flood your body with
waves of relaxation and calmness.
Unfortunately, It’s NOT Enough
To Just Get Magnesium From Food
That’s because even if you do get your 3-4 servings of vegetables every single day — you’re probably still not getting enough.

Here’s why:
    After years of overuse, improper farming techniques and pesticide use, our soil has been virtually STRIPPED of precious minerals (by as much as 80%, according to some studies).
    High levels of stress depletes our magnesium stores fast (like your phone battery when you have a ton of apps open). Considering that nearly 77% of us report feeling stressed, we need MORE magnesium now than ever before.
    Just like with stress, toxins drain our bodies of magnesium. Considering how bombarded we are with toxins, we need even MORE magnesium than ever.
Which Is Why We Created the Most Powerful, Bioavailable
“Full-Spectrum” Magnesium Ever Made…
We Call it
To create Mag10 we took ten of the purest, most potent forms of magnesium and combined them together. Then we carefully packaged using purple “V-Cap” technology to ensure maximum absorption.

These capsules contain NO synthetic or artificial colorants. And they’re made in our 3rd party, GMP certified facility, under sterile, strict and precise standards to ensure they’re 100% safe, clean and high quality.

What’s more? Every single Mag10 capsule is PACKED with pure magnesium and contains absolutely NO fillers. Plus, they’re certified non-toxic, non-GMO, soy free and dairy free.

There is simply NO magnesium more potent than Mag10 when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. 

Check it out for yourself:
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Just a few days from now…

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All while enjoying all of the countless other benefits of Magnesium.

And as you get ready for the day?
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You’ve Been For Years…
Because today?

Everything’s different.

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Fast on your toes.

You feel more optimistic.

You smile more and make others laugh.

Ideas flow with ease.

You put your shoulders back and stand taller.

And when you catch sight of your face in the mirror?

You don’t see a haggard, defeated expression.

You see something different.

Something lighter.

A soft smile.

A warm glow.

The person you were TRULY MEANT to be.

You realize just how much untapped potential you’ve been carrying around inside you.

Potential that was CRUELLY robbed by a lack of sleep.

But now that you’re getting 6… 7… 8… even 9 hours of GOOD SLEEP.

You’re back to being yourself.


From now until forever.

You have the CONFIDENCE of knowing that you can fall asleep virtually on command.

And that getting a good night’s rest isn’t a streak of luck…

… A blessing as rare as winning the lottery.

It’s your God-given right.

It’s your expectation EVERY SINGLE night.

So go ahead…
I can’t wait to see how this changes EVERYTHING for you.

Thanks for reading,

Warren Phillips, M.S.
Still Have Questions?
Hey, I know you might still have a few questions before making a decision to order Mag10. So I put together some of the most commonly asked questions so we can clear those up for you :)
What’s this “Calcium Overdose” thing again?
Well, studies have shown that most of us are suffering from TOXIC levels of calcium in the body. That’s because our environment is SATURATED with the stuff. And our body’s are designed to hold onto it (because back in the day it was hard to get your hands on).

The PROBLEM is that when your body becomes saturated with calcium, it causes excess inflammation and stress. This stress goes all the way down to the cellular level.

This makes you feel constantly stressed. Unable to sleep. Unable to fully relax. While at the same time causing heart problems, blood sugar problems and overall inflammation.
How does Mag10 help with this?
Well, calcium and magnesium are “antagonists” to one another. This means that they balance each other out. When you have high calcium — BY DEFINITION it means that you also have low levels of magnesium.

By replenishing it you can “flush” excess calcium from your body. While at the same time helping ease stress, and make it easier to fall asleep.
What makes Mag10 different from other magnesiums?
Well, Mag10 contains the MOST bioavailable, natural forms of magnesium on the market. It utilizes 10 forms of magnesium (more than any other type) which helps benefit the body in multiple ways. Plus, it contains specific “sleep” forms of magnesium like L-threonate and Magnesium Glycinate.
How much Mag10 should I take?
We HIGHLY recommend following the “Reset Replenish Restore” protocol we laid out above.

(Here it is again).
That’s because when you first start taking magnesium you want to ease yourself into it (the Reset phase).

Then you want to up your dose to Replenish your lost stores. And finally you want to taper off to a regular dose.

This ensures you get the MAXIMUM benefit without overloading your system.
What can I expect from Mag10?
We recommend taking a few capsules in the morning to reduce stress while energizing your cells.

Then a few (usually 3) at nighttime to help you unwind and relax. When you take it an hour before bedtime you’ll start to feel your body getting tired. Your muscles relaxing. Everything feeling less tight. Then when you lay down (if you’re like so many) you’ll find yourself drifting off into some of the deepest, most restorative sleep you’ve ever had.

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